Saturday 25/09/2021

Orpheus In The Underground has won best short film at the Dubai Inde Film Festival and THE BEST DREAMERS has won best screenplay.




Friday 30/07/2021

The Best Dreamers won best script at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2021.

Wednesday 28/07/2021 THE BEST DREAMERS won best feature script at the Brooklyn International Cinefest.

Wednesday 28/07/2021 ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERGROUND won best short film at the Brooklyn International Cinefest in the USA.

The Best Dreamers won best screenplay at the Wonderland International Film Festival.

Tuesday 27/07/2021 The Best Dreamers has won again in Australia.

Friday 23/07/2021

Please contact me if you would like to finance a feature film version of THE BEST DREAMERS, please call me, Tipu Sultan on 00447585669130.

Wednesday 21/07/2021

The Best Dreamers has won again in India.

Wednesday 21/07/2021 The Best Dreamers has won best script/screenplay at the Cult Critic Movie Awards in India.

Sunday 11/07/2021

"The Best Dreamers" screenplay has won the best script/screenplay award at the Gona Film Awards in India 2021.

Certificate of award Gona Film Awards 2021

Saturday 14/11/2020

Hooray ! a vaccine has been discovered for the Coronavirus.

Friday 24/01/2020

Happy New Year in 2020. I went to see "Bad Boys For Life", brilliant action packed film, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are superb as aging bad boys with badges, Brilliantly directed and fantastically written.

Sunday 06/01/2019

Happy New Year to one and all. I have been to the cinema and watched Aquaman a fabulous fantasy science fiction film. Awesome special effects fantastic action adventure well scripted and acted and directed. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Wednesday 31/10/2018

I went to see “Venom” the other day: It was a brilliant science fiction action adventure film, Tom Hardy was very good as the protagonist Eddy Brock. An excellent film , highly recommended.

Friday 15/06/2018

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim family and friends!

Friday 15/06/2018

I have watched 3 excellent films over the last few weeks. “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Deadpool 2” and “Solo”. “...Infinity War” was the best, Fabulous special effects a complete comic book on the big screen, awesome action adventure and sci-fi. Deadpool 2 and Solo were also good rollicking action adventure films.

Saturday 19/05/2018

Just watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry on BBC 1, may god bless them with many years of happiness and joy.

Tuesday 08/05/2018

Prince Louis being kissed by Princess Charlotte

The new Royal Baby boy is named Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge, and will be fifth in line to the throne. He is so cute!

Monday 23/04/2018

Their Royal Highness's The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their 3rd child

Their Royal Highness's The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a new addition to their family. Congratulations and Jubiliations!

"The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to her third child.

Kate, 36, delivered the baby boy, weighing 8lbs, 7oz, at the exclusive Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, on St George's Day" Mirror.

Saturday 21/04/2018

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Charles at the Royal Albert Hall.

Happy 92nd Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd!

Tuesday 27/03/2018

My Mother Mrs Nurjahan Bibi, widow of Mr Mostori Miah, died in the small hours of today, she was 79 years old, I hope  her murderers are caught and punished.

Thursday 22/03/2018

I went to see "Black Panther" at the Vue in Woodgreen the other day. It was a fantastic experience : the acting was excellent, the direction superb, the music brilliant, the script scintillating, all together a fantastic production.

Thursday 01/03/2018

I have watched on BBC Iplayer “David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities” a fascinating insight into wildlife with the silky tones of David Attenborough’s voice to keep the wildlife images company. Fabulous BBC documentary.

Friday 23/02/2018

just Watched on DVD the classic film “To Kill A Mockingbird” starring the great Gregory Peck. It was fantastic from the opening credits, it was obviously a very special film brilliantly written, acted and directed. A powerful poignant tale about racial tensions in small town America.

Monday February 19/02/2018

Watched the BAFTA’s on TV yesterday so happy that Sir Ridley Scott received the Fellowship award. He is a supremely excellent filmmaker a great light of the world!

Monday 29/01/2018

Just watched “Black Orpheus” directed by Marcel Camus a wonderful lyrical melodious movie based on the Greek myth, fantastic performances by all the actors, well written, fabulously directed: A very excellent film.

Monday 22/01/2018

Just received a copy of “The Journal of Philosophy” with my advert on the inside back page with an explanation of my philosophy “New Paradigmism”. It feels fantastic to be known for my new philosophy!

Monday 08/01/2018

Flawed Classic was the received opinion while watching this French film directed by Jean Cocteau, the poet, artist and filmmaker!

Monday 01/01/2018

Happy New Year to one and all!

Sunday 31/12/2017

Last day of the year, 2017 has just been an intriguing year, roll on 2018.

Monday  25/12/2017

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Saturday 23/12/2017

I went to see “Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi” and it was magnificent, pure hard sci-fi magic. It was very moving, mesmerising and utterly and absolutely awesome!

Tuesday 19/12/2017

While doing some research on the internet, I realised though I am a Methodist Christian: I am comfortable with my Muslim past, most Muslims are peaceful law abiding people: Though I am a Christian.

Sunday 10/12/2017

May Christianity lead humanity through out the aeons.

Saturday 09/12/2017

After much consideration I have decided that I am a Christian who is slightly Jewish in culture. Christianity has the highest moral standards and ethics.

HM Queen Elizabeth II meets Nigerian High Commissioner and partner, Daily Express Thursday07/12/2017.

Thursday 07/12/2017

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and His Royal Highness Prince Philip looking oh so fabulous and fantastic.

Tuesday 05/12/2017

Henry Alfred Kissinger

Henry Alfred Kissinger one of the greatest politicians of the modern era.

Sunday 03/12/2012

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother looking fabulously gorgeous and fantastically Majestic!

Surfing about on, I came accross this fabulous photo of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, a goddess in the height of Her powers.

Saturday 02/12/2017

Poster for Daddy's Home 2

I went to see Daddy's Home 2 at the Vue in Woodgreen. It was spectacularly funny, wonderful winter comedy.

Friday 01/12/2017

DVD The Crown season 1

Just watched "The Crown" season 1. It is such an excellent insight into the history of the Royal Family and the people and events they experienced, wonderful and profoundly powerful series.

Thursday 30/11/2017

I just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. It was a splendid, sumptous and spectacular ride.

Also Splendid, sumptous and spectacular, Valerian and the city of a thousand planets. A visual feast!

Wednesday 29/11/2017

Magazine insert from The Daily Mail 28/11/2017

Congratulations HRH Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan Markle upon the occasion of their engagement to marry.

Tuesday 28/11/2017

HRH Prince charles

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the proud father-in-law to be of Meghan Markle. Congratulations to His Royal Highness Prince Harry and the beautiful Meghan Markle, all the best to them. 

Sunday 26/11/2017

Like a lion relaxing and at ease and comfortable with all around; His Royal Highness Prince Philip a man of great wit and wisdom; Patriarch of the British Royal family.

HIs Royal Highness Prince Philip taking a breather and relaxing.  Exceptionally handsome and fit as a fifty year old Field Marshal.

Saturday 25/11/2017

Thursday 23/11/2017

Framed portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

I have just this evening purchased from a fabulous framed portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Really pleased, looking forward to putting it up on the wall.

Tuesday 21/11/2017

I am a Jewish artist and have also been a Christian for a while, I was originally Muslim, and Judaism has come through as being one of the things that I am about.

I revere all religions and believe they provide purpose and meaning for humanity. I am profoundly grateful for the religions of the world.

Monday 20/11/2017

70 years of a splendid marriage equals a Platinum Anniversary, the best of wishes to Her Majesty and His Royal Highness on Monday 20/11/2017. Her Majesty and His Royal Highness looking wonderfully fabulous!

Poster of Paddington 2

Just back from watching "Paddington 2"

Brilliant comedy.

Wishing a wonderful Anniversary to HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and HRH Prince Philip.

Sunday 19/11/2017


I went to see JUSTICE LEAGUE at the Vue in Woodgreen. Absolutely awesome film, Ben Affleck was brilliant as Batman, Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa was fabulous as Aquaman, Ray Fisher fantastic as Comet and Ezra Miller wonderful as the Flash.

Fantastic directing job by Zack Snyder, an all round awesome film.

Wednesday 15/11/2017

The Below photo of Prince Charles is awesome even as a heterosexual man I am shaken with admiration and am reminded of images of Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood.

HIs Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince Of Wales image found on Facebook.

Tuesday 14/11/2017

Jasmine Thompson's album "Wonderland"

Listening to the fantastic sound of Jasmine Thompson, She's so wonderful and has such an elegeant voice.

Sunday 12/11/2017

HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and HRH Prince Philip on Remembrace Sunday.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and His Royal Highness Prince Philip the Duke Of Edinburgh taking part in the pomp and paegantry of Remembrance Sunday. God bless Her Majesty and His Royal Highness! And all the people taking part!

Sunday 12/11/2017

Edward Kobina Enninful, Editor of Vogue UK

Just caught up with the fact Edward Enninful has been appointed Editor of Vogue UK. Edward Kobina Enninful OBE is a British fashion stylist, and editor-in-chief of British Vogue magazine. He was appointed fashion director of British fashion magazine i-D at the age of 18, a position he held for over two decades.
Congratulations to Edward Enninful.

Thursday 09/11/2017

Lenny Henry's "New Millenium Blues"

This morning I received a fantastic signed photograph of Lenny Henry the comedian and actor and blues singer. It was from PBJ management his agents and they sent it in response to a letter i wrote to/about Lenny Henry. It prompted me to listen to Lenny Henry's Blues Album, which is deep blues and absolutely awesome!

Wednesday 08/11/2017

Made enquiries into advertising in "The Jewish Chronicle", "Country Life" and "Variety" and I will contact "India Today" next week to book an advert in display.

Saturday 04/11/2017

Poster for "Thor: Ragnarok"

This afternoon I went to the Vue ,Woodgreen to watch "Thor: Ragnarok", it was a brilliant fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure film.

Fabulous acting, direction, special effects and fantastic script, a real epic.

Friday 03/11/2017

Cover of DVD "Our Queen", the Queen smiles so fabulously, so sweet...

Watched "Our Queen" again, fabulous production, wonderfully edited and filmed, thoroughly brilliant!

Wednesday 01/11/2017

Cover of "The Best Dreamers"

Publishnation have completed work on publishing my book "The Best Dreamers".

It is now available as an ebook on Amazon UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada and Spain to name but a few countries. For the paperback go to

Monday 30/10/2017

I have published my book "The Best Dreamers" and it is for sale on 

Friday 27/10/2017

I am culturally and by education an English man.Yet I thought I would do some research into advertising in an Indian publication after all my name is Tipu sultan. The best publications are “The Times of India” and “India Today “ I have emailed them and will consider advertising the art and the ebook “The Best Dreamers “.

Wednesday 25/10/2017

Cover of The Long Awaited Album.

Listening to Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers again, they are tremendous geniuses all of them. A lyrical magically melodious group.

Wednesday 25/10/2017

Just bought some "Waitrose Duchy Organic Ginger Biscuits coated in Dark Chocolate" from the Duchy of Cornwall, absolutely scrumptious get a hold of some if you can.

Saturday 21/10/2017

just arrived in the post this morning, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers “The Long Awaited Album “ Sheer melodious genius, wonderful songs and music.

Friday 20/10/2017

Tipu Sultan at home/office/studio.

Surfing the internet on, I came across the awesome sounds of Steve Martin and the steep canyon rangers. Truly Spectacular.

Just arrived through the post from "Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and Friends. New Worlds" a splendid new album featuring Bill Murray, wonderful sounds.

Thursday 19/10/2017

I just purchased Tom Hanks' new book " Uncommon Type: Some Stories " looking forward to reading it.

Monday 16/10/2017

A Wonderful fascinating insight into the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. "Our Queen".

Today was another relaxing week day and this DVD came through the post. It is a DVD titled "Our Queen" and is about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

Saturday 14/10/2017

Another relaxing weekend, watching "Strictly Come Dancing"on BBC1 wonderful to watch the dancing.

Thursday 12/10/2017

His Royal Highness Prince Charles is a fantastic narrator and presenter in this awesome documentary!

I watched the DVD "A Jubilee Tribute to The Queen" again, found it to be just as fabulous as watching it the first time! Pure Brilliance!

I watched "Red Dwarf" series 12 so hilarious with fantastic new snazzy special effects on the UK TV Channel DAVE, a great channel for comedy.

Wednesday 11/10/2017

Went for a shave at the Barbers, left feeling refreshed and handsome!

I am having my screenplay of "The Best Dreamers" self published by a company named PUBLISHNATION I telephoned them today to ask if all is well, they said they would email me if they needed anything else. Really looking forward to having the screenplay in book format.


There will also be an e-book available on Amazon.

Monday 09/10/2017 watched THE LOST CITY OF Z on DVD, so powerful and poignant an excellent film.

Monday 09/10/2017 an absolutely stunning documentary narrated by His Royal Highness Prince Charles, I highly reccomend this DVD, Sheer Brilliance.

Monday 09/10/2017

So far it's been a good beginning of another week in the glorious United Kingdom. I did some shopping, went to Forbidden Planet comic book shop on Shaftesbury Avenue ( bought "American Gods" and "Mace Windu". The comic book shop is big and well stocked with all manner of comics and graphic novels.

On Saturday 07/10/2017 went to see "Blade Runner 2049" was Ok but not as good as the first one, the Odeon in Camden is a bit of a dive, next time I shall try a better venue.

Tuesday 10/10/2017 I watched "King Charles III" it was a fantastic drama, wonderful score, brilliant acting, fabulous script and direction.

Wednesday 11/10/2017

Went for a shave at the Barbers, left feeling refreshed and handsome!

I am having my screenplay of "The Best Dreamers" self published by a company named PUBLISHNATION I telephoned them today to ask if all is well, they said they would email me if they needed anything else. Really looking forward to having the screenplay in book format.


There will also be an e-book available on Amazon.